Eastern European Food and Events in St. Louis

Because the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is still a developing issue, LUKA has cancelled all delivery services. LUKA takes the developing COVID-19 pandemic very seriously, and we are actively monitoring the situation. Please join our Facebook group to remain informed about our services during these unprecedented times. We will still publish food and cooking content here at the website as we are able.

Do you love Eastern European cuisine? Lucky you. You’ve found LUKA, an Eastern European food service provider in St. Louis, Missouri. Our services currently include delivered food boxes and pop-up dinner events, and there’s more to come. Event and delivered food box menus change frequently, but the focus always stays on Slavic and Eastern European cooking.

LUKA was founded as a pop-up dinner series in 2009 by John J. Goddard, veteran culinary professional and author of the book Dalmatian Cooking: Cuisine of the Slavic Mediterranean. Though it began in Portland, Oregon, LUKA has popped up in a number of American and European cities over the years. It is now headquartered in Goddard’s hometown,  St. Louis, Missouri.

Eastern European Food - Polish Pop-Up Dinner

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The current menus for delivered food boxes and events will alway be found on this page, below this section.

LUKA Deli Box Delivery in St. Louis

LUKA Deli Box Delivery

LUKA Deli Box Delivery Days: All delivery days currently cancelled.
Order Deadlines: Wednesday and Saturday afternoon
Price: $60, delivery included within delivery area
In observance of COVID-19 containment measures: We have cancelled all deliveries of the LUKA Deli Box for the moment. Questions? Contact us here, or call 314-226-9184.

The LUKA Deli Box contains a curated selection of premium Eastern European food products for enjoyment at home. Products rotate regularly and sometimes suddenly with availability and demand, but the deli box will contain:

  • 1 loaf of bread
  • 1 or 2 smoked meats or fish
  • 1 slab of cheese
  • 1 easy soup or side mix
  • 1 jar of jam
  • 1 jar of pickles or vegetable preserves
  • 1 box of tea
  • 1 chocolate or confection

Delivery is included in the price within the delivery area. Boxes are currently delivered on Thursday and Sunday afternoons and evenings. We will contact you to let you know when we’ll be on the way, and to get any special delivery instructions. Your order must be in at least 24 hours prior to your desired delivery day.

Secure online payments are processed via PayPal, but you don’t need a PayPal account to use a credit or debit card. Charges will post from Diversified Concerns, our registered Missouri business entity.

CONTENTS – March 23, 2020

LUKA Deli Box currently contains one smoked salami, cheese, soup mix, rosehip spread, fresh bread, stewed vegetables, a box of herbal tea, and a chocolate bar. Read about each of these items below.


vojvodian kulen

Vojvodjanksi Kulen (approx. 1.2 lb)Kulen is a piquant salami made from minced beef and pork. It is traditionally produced in the Vojvodina region of the Balkans. The meat is seasoned and stuffed in a natural casing, then smoked and dried. It’s a firm, low-fat, dense salami that’s aromatic with spicy paprika and garlic. 


Bulgarian Kashkaval cheese

Kashkaval Cheese (approx. 1/2 lb)  – This mild, versatile Bulgarian semi-firm sheep’s milk cheese is perfect for slicing and enjoying with bread and smoked meat.


Podravka Kokošja Juha (1 envelope) – This comforting chicken noodle soup mix has a big fanbase and 60 years of history, but it only takes five minutes to prepare. Don’t let the words “chicken flavored” put you off. It’s a poor translation. Podravka prides itself on natural ingredients, and real chickens were involved in the making of this convenient meal.

Aronia berry jam (chokeberry)


Aronia Berry Jam (13 oz) – Aronia (chokeberries) are a deep purple fruit loaded with antioxidants. They call to mind Concord grapes.

LUKA Deli Box Ajvar relish


Ajvar Red Bell Pepper Relish (12.5 oz) – Ajvar is made from roasted red peppers and eggplant. It’s great on grilled meats, or as a simple vegetable spread on bread with a charcuterie board.


Kraš milk chocolate bar

Kraš Dorina Milk Chocolate (2.8 oz) – The Kraš company began producing fine chocolates and confections in 1911. It should come as no surprise that this Croatian milk chocolate is heavenly.


LUKA Deli Box wild thyme tea

Majkina Dušica Tea (20 bags) – Wild thyme herbal tea is known as majkina dušica in the Balkans,  and it means “mother’s soul”. Wild thyme tea is a soothing natural nerve tonic and tranquilizer. It is accepted as fact in Serbia that it also relieves headaches and muscle tension, fights infections and colds, lowers fevers, and calms a cough.

LUKA Deli Box fresh bread

Fresh Bread – We source large, unsliced loaves of dense, freshly baked bread from a rotating roster of local bakers.